Relationship Risk Solutions

Assessing and Ameliorating risks in intimate partner relationships and families

Services and Expertise

Individual and group counseling.  Counseling is available for both men and women to address their use of power, intimidation, and violence in domestic relationships.  The goal of counseling is to educate through a structured curriculum and to teach the skills necessary to engage with partners and children in positive ways.  Counseling is intended to be short-term (usually 4-10 months), rather than crisis-oriented or for long-term/ongoing needs.
Specialized counseling.  This is appropriate for victims who have used force, for those in same-sex or LGBTQ+ relationships, or for those with special needs.
Risk of harm evaluations.  These are formal clinical evaluations for high conflict custody cases or when required under § 5329 and 5330 of the PA Domestic Relations law.  It is not a full custody evaluation, but a speific assessment to be considered by a judge or custody evaluator.  Assessments are conducted with the utmost care and sensitivity for the impact these evaluations can have on the course of intimate partner relationships and parent-child relationships.
Anger management counseling.  This well-regarded program of counseling is specially designed for individuals who are court-mandated or voluntarily seeking services as part of civil or criminal litigation.  Anger management counseling is not appropriate for those in intimate partner relationships.  
Short-term and trauma-informed therapy for individuals.  When faced with psychologically overwhelming situations, which may often be combined with physical trauma or assault, immediate therapy can make a significant difference in the course of acceptance and recovery.  These services leverage Juanita's foundational roots in trauma-informed therapy.
Training and programmatic engagement.  Juanita is available to provide training on issues of domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, principles of batterer intervention and sex offender counseling, and child welfare issues. 
Consultation and expert testimony.  Juanita has provided trial testimony on a variety of custody and domestic violence related topics.   Please contact her to discuss whether your matter might benefit from her assistance.


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