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Assessing and Ameliorating risks in intimate partner relationships and families


Mitigating Relationship Risk is my opportunity to share tips and expertise, gleaned from decades of practice in the fields of domestic violence, batterer intervention, sexual abuse, and parental counseling, and to plant the seeds of a new community of committed counselors and advocates.  Join me!

Mitigating Relationship Risk

Women's Use of Force In Relationships And Interventions To Help Mitigate Risk

Although women do use violence against intimate partners, the ways in which they use violence, and the context in which this use occurs, are “historically, culturally, motivationally, and situationally distinct.” Shamita Das Dasgupta, Towards an Understanding of Women’s Use of Non-Lethal Violence in Intimate Heterosexual Relationships (2001).

Women use force because not using force hasn’t served to keep them safe.

For various reasons, some courts and social service workers have tried to create gender-neutral interventions as remedy for any use of force in intimate relationships.  However, gender is a critical dynamic to be addressed, not ignored.

Women’s use of force is different from men’s battering. 

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Valentine's Day

Happy VD.

Valentine’s Day, of course. 

Now, what to gift for Valentine’s Day?

A quick internet search lists chocolate or other sweets, flowers, and a romantic dinner as the most common Valentine gifts.  Sex toys are also on that list.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for every stage of the relationship









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Celebrations and New Traditions

Traditions can be comforting, and people feel closer as they anticipate and enjoy the same things at the same time.  But you don’t have to let the ghost of Christmas past ruin your holidays.  There is nothing mandatory or magical about traditions.  And you might be surprised to find out that childre…

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